Global NoSQL Benchmark Framework: Embracing Real-World Performance

Filipe Oliveira

Principal Performance Engineer at Redis

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In this talk, we describe a Multi-Region Benchmark Framework. Unlike single-zone benchmarks, our solution mirrors real-world customer patterns globally, considering diverse network conditions and device capabilities.

We’ll provide practical examples to Identify and address performance disparities, optimize scalability across regions, and ensure your databases deliver consistent, reliable performance worldwide. Don’t settle for single-zone limitations – embrace a comprehensive approach for peak performance and reliability.

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About the Speaker

Speaker Filipe Oliveira

Filipe oliveira

Principal Performance Engineer 
at Redis

Filipe Oliveira is a Principal Performance Engineer at Redis, working on both the enterprise and the open-source projects. Before Redis, he worked both on a large scale retail company and as Grid and Distributed Computing Researcher recurring to advanced computing infrastructures listed in the TOP500 supercomputers list.


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