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What is the Document Database Community?

We are a global network of passionate developers who work in the NoSQL Document Database environment. We talk about technology challenges, assist in the emergence and development of techniques, and popularize solutions in the document database space, no matter whether they are open-source or proprietary.

The goals of the Community are to present new technologies, highlight alternatives and unite Document Database developers and users.

Monthly Meetups

We host monthly online meetups where technology experts share their stories, knowledge, and practical advice for running document databases.

Featured Event

Speaker Adamo Tonete

Online Meetup

MongoDB Access Control – working with roles and privileges

May 23

12:00 PM EDT


Our Speakers

We connect a wide range of experts from database developers and product owners to software engineers and DBAs on the customer side.

Peter Zaitsev


David Murphy


Sachin Sinha


Alex Cercel

Palantir Technologies

Bruce  Momjian


Peter Farkas


Alexey Palazhchenko


Aaron Morton


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We welcome any technologists to the conversation who would like to share their experiences with Document Databases. If you want to be a hero of the next meetup, submit your talk.


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Document Database Community on Slack

This is the space where you can meet other practitioners as well as the speakers at our meetups. Feel free to be active there, ask questions, and provide a piece of advice to your colleagues. The Slack Community is moderated and protected from advertising and off-topic discussions.