About the Community


What is the Document Database Community?

We are a global network of passionate developers who work in the NoSQL Document Database environment. We talk about technology challenges, assist in the emergence and development of techniques, and popularize solutions in the document database space, no matter whether they are open-source or proprietary.

The goals of the DDC are to present new technologies, highlight alternatives and unite Document Database developers and users.

We are just getting started but we have big plans for the future.

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How is the Document Database Community organized?

DDC is a vendor-neutral space in which people are free to share experiences and knowledge.

We welcome speakers and blog authors from any company around the industry who can bring benefits to our Community. These are DocumentDB, Redis, Cassandra, Datastax, Percona, FerretDB, OpenSearch, Couchbase, Palantir, MongoDB, and others.

Document Database Community is supported and funded by FerretDB which believes the industry needs a place to collaborate to solve the challenges of running NoSQL Document Databases.