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“We Lost Access to Our Database!” The Slack Message You Don’t Want to Write to Your Boss.

Elevating Disaster Recovery With Kubernetes-native Document Databases


CO-SPEAKER: Maciek Urbański

The meetup has ended

Are you weary of the traditional, labor-intensive methods and antiquated scripts used to manage IT outages? It’s time to shed the old skin and step into a new era of innovation. We’re thrilled to present an exclusive webinar: “We Lost Access to Our Database!” The Slack Message You Don’t Want to Write to Your Boss. Elevating Disaster Recovery with Kubernetes-native Document Databases”, that will redefine your approach to Disaster Recovery (DR). This session is particularly special as it features Selvi Kadirvel, a distinguished expert with a robust 15-year background in engineering and infrastructure and Maciek Urbański a seasoned platform engineer with a focus on multi-cluster solutions and smart scheduling for Kubernetes environments.

In this webinar, Selvi and Maciek will demonstrate how to revolutionize Disaster Recovery (DR) workflows using modern document databases within Kubernetes environments. Discover how integrating a multi-cluster orchestrator can automate DR strategies, reducing Recovery Time Objectives and improving application availability.

The meetup has ended. The recording is available to watch on demand.

About the Speakers

Speaker Filipe Oliveira

Selvi Kadirvel

Engineering Lead at Elotl

Selvi Kadirvel is the Engineering Lead at Elotl, specializing in building multi-cluster Kubernetes solutions. With a rich background in Kubernetes and container platforms at leading companies like Cisco and ContainerX, Selvi brings a wealth of expertise to the table. She has also implemented machine-learning solutions for virtual-machine auto-scaling and anomaly detection during her PhD at the University of Florida. Outside of work, Selvi enjoys creating comics to capture her everyday experiences.

Speaker Filipe Oliveira

Maciek urbanski

Senior Platform Engineer at Elotl

Maciek is a Senior Platform Engineer at Elotl, where he focuses on innovative multi-cluster and smart-scheduling solutions for Kubernetes. Outside of the Kubernetes world, he enjoys learning new programming languages and is fascinated by methodologies like event-storming that helps teams and businesses have a common understanding of the domain they are working with. In his free time, Maciek loves to spend time with his 9 yr old son – surfing, skateboarding and skiing together and is amazed by how much there is to learn from kids.

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