The Current State of MongoDB Alternatives, and

Two Years of FerretDB

Fireside Chat

Peter Farkas
Alexey Palazhchenko

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Meetup Description

As FerretDB approaches its pivotal 2-year anniversary, it’s time to light the logs and gather around a virtual fireside chat with the minds behind it – Alexey Palazhchenko (Co-founder & CTO) and Peter Farkas (Co-founder & CEO). They will discuss the current situation of database software that serves as an alternative to MongoDB, its future, and the challenges it faces. 

What Will We Cover?

  • The inevitable challenges and roadblocks encountered while creating this revolutionary Open Source MongoDB alternative.
  • Their ambitious and forward-thinking vision for the landscape of document databases in the coming years.
  • The inspiration and driving factors behind the birth of FerretDB.

About FerretDB:
FerretDB is a truly open source alternative to MongoDB, built on Postgres, and released under Apache 2.0. FerretDB turns Postgres into a MongoDB-compatible database. Run MongoDB workloads (JS frameworks, tools, drivers) on Postgres, just like if you would run them on MongoDB. Besides Postgres, FerretDB also supports SQLite as a database backend.

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About the Speakers


Peter Farkas

Co-founder & CEO

Peter is an expert in leading and managing distributed teams working on Open Source projects. He has spent the majority of his career in Open Source, with a focus on database and Big Data technologies at companies such as Percona and Cloudera
While at Percona, Peter played a pivotal role in building Percona Support, which quickly became a benchmark for service quality and excellence in Enterprise Open Source database software support. Peter holds a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Buckingham and has a passion for reading and exploring new places around the world.

Alexey Palazhcnenko

Co-founder & CTO

Alexey is an experienced developer and leader. He spent the last ten years working with Go at different jobs, organizing Go meetups and conferences, and making podcasts. At Percona, he led the development and architecture efforts of Percona Monitoring and Management – a best-of-breed open-source database monitoring solution. Previously, he worked on many things ranging from operating systems and industrial internet of things appliances to large distributed systems – all in Go.


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