Open Standards, Licensing, and Open Source – Lessons for the Document Database Community from Microsoft’s Move to Open Source

Mark Stone

ex-Product Manager

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Meetup Description

Twelve years ago growing voices inside of Microsoft pushed for the company to participate more significantly in open source software before 30 years of fighting again open source.

Obstacles were significant:

  • The company worried about liability triggered by downstream users.
  • The community worried about the potentially heavy-handed approach of a company as large as Microsoft.

But an honest commitment to collaboration, and some initial building blocks around open standards ultimately led to Microsoft being the more full-fledged participant it is today. There’s a lot the Document Database community can learn from this experience.

The main Microsoft thing Mark’ll be talking about is an open source endeavor they engaged in while I was there: the OuterCurve Foundation.


  • History lesson part 1 – how IBM and Microsoft won the PC wars with open standards
  • History lesson part 2 – how Microsoft rediscovered its open roots and embraced open source
  • The Document Database Community – the perils of departing from the open source path
  • Apache Cassandra and Document Databases – leveraging open source and open standards to innovate
  • Stargate’s JSON API for Cassandra – an example of open source document database innovation

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Mark Stone

ex-Product Manager

Mark Stone is a technology veteran with many years of experience in product management, program management and people management. Always working as part of the connective tissue between business stakeholders and technical stakeholders, Mark loves championing the developer experience in technology platforms and helping organizations meet developers where they are.


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