NoSQL Databases From a Relational Database Admin

Patrick Galbraith

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Join us for a webinar where Patrick Galbraith, a seasoned Principal Consultant, will share his journey of transitioning from a Relational Database Administrator to proficiently managing NoSQL Document Databases. Patrick will delve into his experiences, offering valuable insights on optimization, administration, and deployment strategies for NoSQL databases.

This webinar is tailored for relational database admins and developers seeking to broaden their understanding of NoSQL. Patrick will highlight the similarities and differences between relational and non-relational databases, equipping attendees with the knowledge to make informed decisions when considering NoSQL solutions.


  • EPatrick's experience and expertise in navigating NoSQL environments.
  • EIntroduction to Non-relational (NoSQL) databases and their significance
  • EExploring the advantages and drawbacks of SQL versus NoSQL paradigms
  • EDeployment considerations for NoSQL databases
  • EUnderstanding the nature of data stored in NoSQL databases and its organizational structure
  • EClarifying essential terminology: queries, statements, and coding practices in NoSQL environments
  • EStrategies for optimizing NoSQL queries to enhance performance
  • EInteractive Q&A session to address specific queries and concerns

The meetup has ended. The recording is available exclusively for registered users.

About the Speaker

Speaker Filipe Oliveira

Patrick Galbraith

Principal Consultant 

Meet Patrick Galbraith, the Principal Consultant, who brings a wealth of practical knowledge and hands-on experience in database management. With a distinguished career that includes collaborating with esteemed teams such as Slashdot, Classmates, MySQL, Lycos, HP, Oracle, and Parler, Patrick is a seasoned industry expert. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the world of NoSQL from such a seasoned professional.


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