JSON in PostgreSQL – A Developer’s Perspective

Fireside Chat

Umair Shahid 
Jashanpreet Singh

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Meetup Description

There are a variety of features in PostgreSQL that are designed to ease the lives of developers. No feature, however, is as popular as the native JSON support.

Not only does PostgreSQL offer JSON as a native data type, it offers binary storage, indexing, and native functions to manipulate data in JSON. This makes the database very attractive to developers looking to play with unstructured data.

Join us in this fireside chat as Umair asks Jashan about how he started with JSON in PostgreSQL, what application development issues he was able to solve with the native JSON support, and how he would advise other developers to use the functionality.


✅ Beginning the journey with MongoDB and hitting the limit with it.

✅ Discovering PostgreSQL and its robust ecosystem.

✅ False perception of JSON = MongoDB and Structured = SQL (Postgres)

✅ Working with structured vs unstructured data, the middle road i.e. semi structured data.

✅ Practical aspects of working with JSON in Postgres, including use cases, indexing, potential pitfalls, and more.

The meetup has ended. The recording is available to watch on demand.

About the Speakers


Umair Shahid


Umair is a 20-year veteran of the PostgreSQL community with a passion for solving real-world problems with technology. He actively advocates for PostgreSQL around the world, speaking at conferences, organizing events, and leading local user groups. Umair is the founder of Stormatics – a professional services company with a mission to help businesses use PostgreSQL reliably for their critical data workloads. His previous experience with commercial PostgreSQL has spanned roles related to professional services and product management in major pure-play PostgreSQL organizations like EDB, 2ndQuadrant, OpenSCG, & Percona.

 Jashanpreet Singh

Open Source Developer

Jashan is a seasoned developer with years of experience in frontend, backend, database and DevOps (♥) roles in startup environments. He specializes in building applications from scratch, taking them to production, and scaling them for high availability and performance. His extensive work experience has taught him valuable skills such as writing and reviewing code, managing teams, and designing cloud infrastructure. Working in a startup environment has also helped him develop skills to evaluate new technologies, skill up and deliver fast.


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