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How to Provision a MongoDB Cluster in Kubernetes?

SPEAKER: Peter Szczepaniak



Deploying databases on Kubernetes introduces both opportunities and challenges. In this presentation, Peter and Diogo will cut through the complexity, offering insights into effective MongoDB strategies in a Kubernetes setting. Beginning with an introductory overview of database deployment on k8s, they will discuss a critical comparison between private and public DBaaS offerings, shedding light on how businesses can leverage these models to meet their specific needs.

They will then focus on open-source database platforms for private clouds, presenting viable options and their pros and cons. A highlight of this talk is a live demonstration of MongoDB on Kubernetes, showcasing how to deploy a MongoDB cluster, execute backups, and navigate various recovery options to ensure data resilience.

The presentation will also give a peek into the inner workings of open-source database platforms, offering attendees a deeper understanding of their operation.

Designed for developers, DevOps professionals, and IT strategists, this talk is a full guide to mastering database deployment, specifically MongoDB, on Kubernetes, combining theoretical knowledge with practical demo for a comprehensive learning experience.

Don't miss this opportunity to:

  • ^Simplify database deployments on Kubernetes.
  • ^Leverage the best DBaaS model for your business.
  • ^Ensure data resilience with MongoDB on Kubernetes.
  • ^Navigate the open-source database landscape with confidence.

The meetup has ended. The recording is available to watch on demand.

About the Speakers

Speaker Filipe Oliveira

Peter Szczepaniak

Sr. Product Manager at Percona

Peter Szczepaniak is a Senior Product Manager at Percona with a demonstrated history in the internet industry. He brings expertise in User Experience (UX), Coaching, E-commerce, and Agile Methodologies.

Speaker Filipe Oliveira

Diogo Recharte

Backend Software Engineer at Percona

Diogo Recharte is leading the engineering of an open-source Kubernetes-native Database as a Service (DBaaS) solution.

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