Document Databases with Convergence of Graph and Stream

Sachin Sinha

Founder, CEO and Developer

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About the Webinar

There is a rapid trend going on which is changing the way data is generated, processed, and consumed.

  • Fast-moving data from devices and machines dominating landscape
  • Data mostly unstructured and streaming from various sources
  • Data largely connected and require real-time processing

Most of the emerging use cases deal with more than one kind of data at the same time.

Document database has been at the forefront of providing a flexible way to deal with unstructured data. But the emerging challenge is posing a convergence of different challenges. Therefore, we must also converge the solution space by adding Graph, Stream Processing, and AI to the document database in order to provide a simple and effective method to enable these modern use cases.


The Agenda

1. Ongoing data trend and need to convergence of different systems into a document database.

2. Deep dive into the converged database, design, architecture, challenges, numbers etc…

3. Deployment, API etc to use it (possibly a quick demo).

4. Q&A Live Session.

The webinar was a fascinating insight into the world of data storage and analysis, showcasing the power of innovative convergence to unlock new levels of efficiency and understanding. 

Join 150+ developers who have already been registered to discuss the topic online.

Peter Farkas, CEO FerretDB

The meetup has ended. Watch the video recording.

About the Speaker


Sachin Sinha

Founder, CEO and Developer

Sachin is a technology enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in designing and building software products for large-scale systems. Sachin has authored BangDB, a high-performance converged NoSQL database for Real-Time data processing and analytics for emerging use cases. Prior to founding BangDB, Sachin worked at senior levels at Amazon and Microsoft in database and analytics products. Sachin has been an active participant in the database domain and has published papers, and research work items along with several patents in the core database and file systems areas. He is from IIT Kanpur and lives in Bangalore, India. 


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